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Trigeminal nerve anatomy; Illustrated using examples from Imaging Pathology
Hussein Kamel
Dec 12 - 12:00 - 13:00 CET

Recorded webinars

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Imaging of the acute abdomen
Andras Palko
Duration: 00:47 | CME Credits: 0.75
Facial trauma
Zoran Rumboldt
Duration: 00:41 | CME Credits: 0.5
Imaging of abdominal aorta aneurysms in emergency
Fausto Labruto
Duration: 00:51 | CME Credits: 1.0
Gastric by-pass complications
Christian Weiergang
Duration: 00:35 | CME Credits: 0.5
Less familiar stroke patterns
Hussein Kamel
Duration: 00:52 | CME Credits: 1.0
Imaging of appendicitis
Fausto Labruto
Duration: 00:44 | CME Credits: 0.75
Imaging of head trauma
Fausto Labruto
Duration: 00:57 | CME Credits: 1.0
Abdominal bleedings in the on-call setting
Indra Pieters
Duration: 00:57 | CME Credits: 1.0
Multi trauma imaging strategies
Marielle Kuijper
Duration: 00:55 | CME Credits: 1.0
Pulmonary embolism
Catherine LeFort
Duration: 00:48 | CME Credits: 0.75
Imaging of paediatric trauma
Fausto Labruto
Duration: 00:34 | CME Credits: 0.5
Vascular abdominal emergencies
Andras Palko
Duration: 00:54 | CME Credits: 1.0
Abdominal inflammatory conditions and decompression planes
Rajeev Jain
Duration: 00:32 | CME Credits: 0.5
Facial trauma
Zoran Rumboldt
Duration: 00:30 | CME Credits: 0.75
Imaging of neck emergencies
Fausto Labruto
Duration: 00:35 | CME Credits: 0.5
Non-traumatic chest emergencies
Emily Clewett
Duration: 01:00 | CME Credits: 1.0

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