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Trigeminal nerve anatomy; Illustrated using examples from Imaging Pathology
Hussein Kamel
Dec 12 - 12:00 - 13:00 CET

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Imaging of the acute abdomen
Andras Palko
Facial trauma
Zoran Rumboldt
Imaging of abdominal aorta aneurysms in emergency
Fausto Labruto
Gastric by-pass complications
Christian Weiergang
Less familiar stroke patterns
Hussein Kamel
Imaging of appendicitis
Fausto Labruto
Imaging of head trauma
Fausto Labruto
Abdominal bleedings in the on-call setting
Indra Pieters
Multi trauma imaging strategies
Marielle Kuijper
Pulmonary embolism
Catherine LeFort
Imaging of paediatric trauma
Fausto Labruto
Vascular abdominal emergencies
Andras Palko
Abdominal inflammatory conditions and decompression planes
Rajeev Jain
Facial trauma
Zoran Rumboldt
Imaging of neck emergencies
Fausto Labruto
Non-traumatic chest emergencies
Emily Clewett

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