HRCT Fellowship

20 - 24 Apr 2020

Barcelona - Spain

Level II - General radiologist

The purpose of the Fellowship is for the Fellow to learn through a structure based on daily lectures, reporting from individual workstations with subsequent group discussion. The programme is flexible and adaptable to the participants and their need and requests but as a starting point will be general.

2200.00 €


The fellowship is an introduction to the field of HRCT of the lung through an interactive program that includes a combination of lectures, reporting and group case discussion.
We will discuss pattern recognition and interstitial lung diseases with extra focus on fibrotic lung diseases.

Learning objectives

  • To increase knowledge and ability to diagnose interstitial lung diseases
  • Identifying UIP/IPF and its most common differential diagnoses.

Programme will include

  • Individual reporting with supervision of Mentor
  • Group case discussion of the reported cases
  • The Book "HRCT – Pattern recognition and differential diagnosis of Lung disease" by Carl Lamm and Fredrik Ahlfors


Level II - General radiologist
The course is aimed at radiologists (all levels), but also pulmonologists and rheumatologists with an interest in interstitial lung diseases


  • Fredrik Ahlfors M.D.
    Göteborg Sweden

    Consultant radiologist at TMC

    Dr Fredrik Ahlfors works part time at Telemedicine Clinic with focus on CT Thorax and HRCT. Together with colleague, Carl Lamm, he has co-authored the book HRCT – Pattern Recognition and Differential Diagnosis of the Lung Disease.

Torre Mapfre

Designed by Íñigo Ortíz and Enrique de León on the occasion of the Olimpics in 1992, Torre Mapfre is one of the most iconic buildings in Barcelona, due to its height -154 meters (505ft) height, distributed in 44 floors, as well as its unique location by the sea at Vila Olímpica.

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Carrer Marina, 16-18
08005 - Barcelona Spain

Cancellation Policy

Participant cancellations
For cancellations made up until 3 months before the programme starts 100% of the paid fee will be reimbursed deducting an admin fee of 100€. For cancellations made after the 3 months' deadline there will be no entitle to reimbursement

TMC Cancellation

In case of cancellation by TMC Academy registration fees will be refunded in full.