Interactive Sessions

Live webinar trainings conducted bi-weekly with highly regarded sub-specialist radiologists

The video above explains how an interactive session is conducted between Carlos Schorlemmer (Head of neuro section at TMC) and Hudiksvall hospital in Sweden. Since then we have opened up the service to individual radiologists so you can take part in the same learning experience from the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits

TMC’s Interactive Radiology Sessions give your radiologists access to top level radiology training in the most cost and time efficient way. There is a continuous learning process throughout the year and sessions do not require any time away from work. Sessions can be easily accessed via our learning portal and are available for streaming after the course has been completed.

The Sessions

A new session is held every 2 weeks covering all anatomic areas on a rota basis. All webinars are interactive and are structured around a 50 minute case study led by one of TMC’s subspecialists, followed by a 15 minute question and answer session.

Interested in Signing up?

Interactive Sessions is predominately designed for hospital departments to collectively get training in an easy and time saving manner. The session can be joined by the entire department and reduces time away for the individual radiologist. Individual radiologists can join by registering for a full year at a time. All sessions are recorded and subsequently available for viewing after a session has taken place.

For more information and registration please contact

Interactive Sessions Schedule 2018

Title Lecturer Modality Date
Differential diagnosis of incidental liver lesions Andras Palko Abdo Thorax May-31-18
Appendicitis Fausto Labruto Emergency Jun-14-18
Bilateral/Symmetric Deep GM Lesions Zoran Rumboldt Neuro Jun-28-18
MRI shoulder I: Rotator cuff Richard de Villiers MSK Aug-14-18
Kidney space occupying lesions Andras Palko Abdo Thorax Aug-30-18
Head injury Fausto Labruto Emergency Sep-13-18
Temporomandibular Joints Astrid Schweitzer Neuro Sep-27-18
MRI wrist Maria Wienk MSK Oct-11-18
Small bowel MRI and ultrasound Zsolt Tarjan Abdo Thorax Oct-25-18
Vascular abdominal emergencies Andras Palko Emergency Nov-08-18
L-Spine Degenerative Changes Zoran Rumboldt Neuro Nov-22-18
MRI of the elbow Petra Kullnig MSK Dec-06-18
Pancreatic diseases Bengt Norén Abdo Thorax Dec-20-18