Paranasal Sinuses - CT Anatomy and normal variants

26 May - 21 Jun 2019

Level II - General radiologist

24 CME Credits

Do you want to learn about the complex anatomy of the paranasal sinuses (PNS) ? Are you aware of the multiple normal variants that are important for presurgical assessment ? Attend our online mini fellowship and learn to how to create detailed but concise structured CT PNS reports. Live sessions at 9am CET

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Learning Objectives

  • Review of paranasal sinuses normal anatomy
  • Identify and describe normal variants of the paranasal sinuses relevant for surgery
  • Identify and describe the ostiomeatal complex and its variants


This workshop on paranasal sinuses will focus on detailed CT anatomy and important paranasal sinus landmarks. You will learn how to prospectively identify important normal variants that predispose patients for surgical complications and how to easily navigate through the complex structures of a PNS CT.

A unique combination of weekly online lectures, hands-on reporting of more than 50 selected real CT PNS cases accompanied by focused self-study and mentor feed-back will help you to improve your CT anatomical knowledge.

This interactive course will give you direct feedback on all your reported cases including case-statistics and annotated image solutions. During the weekly online meeting with the mentor further case discussion takes place and you will be able to ask questions and focus on your learning needs.

At the end of our 4-week online fellow ship you will feel more confident doing your routine presurgical CT PNS cases.

The maximum number of participants on the Online Mini Fellowship will be 20 fellows.

***Effort: 9-10 hour per week

-----------------------------------COURSE PROGRAMME--------------------------------------

- 29/05/2019 9am CET // Kick off session (20-30 min)
- 29/05/2019 - 03/06/2019 // CT Anatomy and normal variants of PNS - Reporting on selected cases (6-7 hour learning time)
- 05/06/2019 9am CET // Live webinar. "Normal CT Anatomy of the Paranasal Sinuses and Nasal cavity" lecture + Case discussion (90-120 min webinar)

- 05/06/2019 - 10/06/2019 // CT Anatomy and normal variants of PNS - Reporting on selected cases (6-7 hour learning time)
- 12/06/2019 9am CET // Live webinar. "Anatomy of the Ostiomeatal Complex" lecture + Case discussion (90-120 min webinar)

- 12/06/2019 - 17/06/2019 // CT Anatomy and normal variants of PNS - Reporting on selected cases (6-7 hour learning time)
- 19/06/2019 9am CET // "Normal variants relevant for surgical planning – part I" lecture + Case discussion (90-120 min webinar)

- 19/06/2019 - 24/06/2019 // CT Anatomy and normal variants of PNS - Reporting on selected cases (6-7 hour learning time)
- 30/09/2019 9am CET // "Normal variants relevant for surgical planning – part II " Lecture + Case discussion + wrap up (120 min webinar)

The reading of the the cases is self managed with no mentoring support. The trainees will be doing all the reporting on the online modules which will only be made available to start reporting on the reporting start date.

All the webinars and interactive sessions will be held at 9am CET.


Level II - General radiologist


  • Astrid Schweitzer M.D.
    Kaast Germany

    Consultant radiologist at TMC

    Astrid Schweitzer (German) graduated from medical school in Germany in 1994. During university she completed her research work for her doctorate thesis on hearing loss defending it in 1995. She is a board-certified specialist in diagnostic radiology. Her main interest is head and neck radiology, particularly temporal bones, temporomandibular joints and paranasal sinuses reporting and also dental radiology. Astrid is the lead for TMC's Paranasal Sinuses (PNS) Expert Group at TMC where a novel 'structured/standardized reporting-tool' for paranasal sinuses reporting was introduced in 2015. She teaches PNS anatomy and pathology to new TMJ radiologist, double-read reports and also establish and maintain the ever growing PNS image reference image library.

Cancellation Policy

Participant cancellations
If a participant no longer is able to continue with the purchased sessions, no refund will be made, however access to the recorded sessions for paid sessions will still be available.

TMC cancellations

In case of cancellation of the full programme by TMC Academy a full refund of the remaining session is reimbursed.