TMC Academy offers on-site CME accredited radiology courses organised several times a year with prominent speakers on subspecialised topics. The courses are organised for both basic and advanced level and strives at providing participants with knowledge that will take them to a next level in radiology.

Adult and Paediatric Neuroradiology MRI course

13 - 14 Sep 2018


12 CME Credits

A comprehensive two day course which will focus on selected high-yield topics in MRI of brain, spine, and head & neck in adult and paediatric patients. Expert lectures will be followed by workshops with dedicated interactive case review.

Zoran Rumboldt M.D. Ph.D.
Rovinj-Rovigno, Croatia
Andrea Rossi M.D.
Genova, Italy
The 6th Barcelona Musculoskeletal MRI Course

18 - 20 Oct 2018


20 CME Credits

The course methodology is based on lecture and interactive case discussion. With a panel of highly experienced lecturers the course will cover topics related to sport injuries as well as osteomyelitis, Soft Tissue Sarcomas in MRI and Ultrasound an...

Szabolcs Hetényi M.D.
Budapest, Hungary
Stephen Pomeranz M.D.
Cincinnati, United States of America
Mark Awh M.D.
Brentwood (TN), United States of America
Roar Pedersen M.D.
Tønsberg, Norway
Avneesh Chhabra M.D.
Dallas (TX), United States of America
Diego F. Lemos M.D.
Burlington (VT), United States of America
Francisco R. Espinosa Leal M.D.
Monterrey, Mexico
The Abdominal and Pelvic MRI course for tumor MDT meetings
Abdo Thorax

8 - 9 Nov 2018


11 CME Credits

A comprehensive two day course which will focus on MRI of abdomen and pelvis, surgical as well oncologic applications. For surgical purposes, the preoperative staging and findings that could impact surgical treatment will be discussed. MRI’s roll for oncologic staging and treatment assessment will be detailed.

Andras Palko M.D. Ph.D.
Szeget, Hungary
Michael Torkzad M.D. Ph.D.
Godalming, United Kingdom
Elmar M Merkle M.D.
Basel, Switzerland
Rosemarie Forstner M.D.
Salzburg, Austria
Ahmed Ba-Ssalamah M.D.
Vienna, Austria
Fredrik Jäderling M.D. Ph.D.
Stockholm, Sweden