Our live streaming webinar sessions offer you access, every two weeks, to a different online conference, delivered by a recognised expert. It allows you to interact directly with the lecturer and ask specific questions once the talk has concluded. After the live streaming session is over, you can continue to access the webinar on demand, whenever and wherever you want.

Title Lecturer section Date
Pancreatic diseases Bengt Norén Abdo Thorax Dec-20-18 Live Session
MRI of the elbow Petra Kullnig MSK Dec-06-18 Live Session
Small bowel MRI and ultrasound Zsolt Tarjan Abdo Thorax Nov-29-18 Live Session
L-Spine Degenerative Changes Zoran Rumboldt Neuro Nov-22-18 Live Session
Vascular abdominal emergencies Andras Palko Emergency Nov-08-18 Live Session
MRI wrist Maria Wienk MSK Oct-11-18 On Demand
Temporomandibular Joints Astrid Schweitzer Neuro Sep-27-18 On Demand
Head injury Nuria Bargallo Neuro Sep-13-18 On Demand
Kidney space occupying lesions Andras Palko Abdo Thorax Aug-30-18 On Demand
MRI shoulder I: Rotator cuff Richard de Villiers MSK Aug-14-18 On Demand
Bilateral/Symmetric Deep GM Lesions Zoran Rumboldt Neuro Jun-28-18 On Demand
Appendicitis Fausto Labruto Emergency Jun-21-18 On Demand
Differential diagnosis of incidental liver lesions Andras Palko Abdo Thorax May-31-18 On Demand
MRI of stress fractures and other overuse injuries Maria Wienk MSK May-17-18 On Demand
Pediatric epilepsy Zoran Rumboldt Neuro May-03-18 On Demand
Facial trauma Zoran Rumboldt Emergency Apr-19-18 On Demand
Pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer Zsolt Tarjan Abdo Thorax Apr-05-18 On Demand
Groin pain in athletes Richard de Villiers MSK Mar-20-18 On Demand
Paranasal Sinus Astrid Schweitzer Neuro Mar-08-18 On Demand
Imaging of the acute abdomen Andras Palko Emergency Feb-22-18 On Demand
Imaging of the biliary tree Indra Pieters Abdo Thorax Feb-08-18 On Demand
MRI of inflammatory arthritis Maria Wienk MSK Jan-25-18 On Demand