Multiple Sclerosis I

5 Cases

Level II - General radiologist

2 EACCME CME Credits

Get an update on the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other demyelinating diseases with Multiple Sclerosis radiology training cases. Practice the application of diagnostic criteria of MS. This module will help you with the standardisation and optimisation of the use of MRI in the management of MS in clinical practice

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Brain and spinal cord MRI are recognised as the most important paraclinical tools for the diagnosis of MS. However, the role of MR imaging in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) goes far beyond the diagnostic process and differential diagnosis. MR imaging can also provide useful prognostic information in terms of long term disability prediction. Moreover, with the introduction of the new generation of immunomodulatory drugs for the treatment of MS, MRI also plays an important role in treatment monitoring. This includes the prediction of treatment response, the assessment of treatment efficacy and treatment safety. This course will present an update on the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of MS and other demyelinating diseases, in the application of diagnostic criteria of MS, and on the value of MRI for monitoring and predicting treatment response. All this information should help radiologists in the standardisation and optimisation of the use of MR imaging in the management of MS in clinical practice.

Learning objectives

  • To be aware of the clinical importance of an early and accurate diagnosis in MS, and the role of MRI for that purpose
  • To be familiar with the typical/atypical MRI features of brain and spinal cord MS lesions
  • To review the current diagnostic criteria for MS
  • To understand the role of MRI in the therapeutic management of MS


Level II - General radiologist
Residents on year 4 and General radiologists

Additional info

Estimated duration: 120 min
Date created: 26 Jun 2019
Date of EACCME review: 21 Feb 2023
Date of EACCME expiration: 21 Feb 2025

Technical requirements

The training platform runs entirely in the browser but the online PACS places a considerable load on the hardware and internet connection when viewing and loading cases.

Hardware Tablets * Minimum Recommended
Memory (RAM): 2 Gigabyte 8 Gigabyte 16 Gigabyte
Processor (CPU): Dual core 1.85 Ghz Dual core 2 Ghz Quad core 2.5 Ghz
Internet connection Minimum Recommended
Speed: 10 Mbps 25 Mbps
Software Tablets Desktop
Browser: Safari * Chrome **
  • * Tested with Safari on iPad 9.7 (2017), should also work on Android with Chrome. User interface not optimized for smaller screens. Large cases (more than 600 images) are not able to be opened on tablet or mobile devices due to memory constraints.
  • ** Firefox, Edge and Safari also work but might not provide an equally smooth experience. Internet Explorer is not supported.


  • Alex Rovira M.D.
    Barcelona, Spain

    Head of the Neuroradiology Section in the Radiology Department of the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital (Barcelona, ​​Spain). Professor of Radiology and Neuroimmunology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Spain.

    Dr. Àlex Rovira is a full time neuroradiologist, who obtained his degree in 1983 at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. After his training in radiology at the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital (Barcelona), he held a fellowship at the Shands Hospital (Gainesville, University of Florida) in 1989. He specialises in diagnostic neuroradiology and head and neck radiology, with special interest in demyelinating diseases, stroke, neuro-oncology, hepatic encephalopathy and head and neck tumors. He received the European Qualification in Neuroradiology (issued by the European Board of Neuroradiology) in 2007. Outgoing President of the European Society of Neuroradiology and member of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Society of Radiology, the World Federation of Neuroradiological Societies, and the MAGNIMS ( European Multicenter Collaborative Research Network in MRI in MS). He is a member of the editorial committees of the American Journal of Neuroradiology, Neuroradiology and MS Forum, and a member of the International Advisory Board on Clinical Trials in MS. Dr. Rovira is the author or co-author of more than 320 original articles, 25 review articles, 25 book chapters or monographs, and more than 400 presentations at national and international conferences.

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