Kidney Cancer I

5 Cases

Level II - General radiologist

2 EACCME CME Credits

This Reporting Module for kidney cancer is aimed at general radiologists who are interested in boosting their clinical competences in the interpretation, identification and differential diagnosis of kidney cancer using imaging techniques.

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This Image Reporting Module for kidney carcinoma is aimed at general radiologists who are interested in boosting their clinical competences in the interpretation and identification of different kidney cancer patterns using images from CT scan cases. The module is made up of five actual cases prepared by Dr. Nicolau.

The simulator enables participants to practise in a real environment, working on cases of kidney tumours, staging, and their post-treatment control. It is a "learning by doing" learning environment which helps users to learn from both their mistakes and correct answers when interpreting the images; once each case has been completed, the user will receive the answers immediately, with comments both on the structured report and on the images in order to reinforce the entire learning process.

By achieving 66% correct answers in each module, the program will be accredited with 2 CME credits from the EACCME.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise abdominal anatomy in order to perform a correct TNM classification and staging of the kidney tumours.
  • Learn to identify the different types of renal tumours.
  • Learn to classify kidney tumours using the indications set out in the 8th edition of the TNM classification for kidney tumours, paying close attention to the data in the image to be analysed.
  • Recognise the essential findings that may influence the various therapeutic options.


Level II - General radiologist

Additional info

Estimated duration: 120 min
Date created: 8 Jul 2021
Date of EACCME review: 21 Feb 2023
Date of EACCME expiration: 21 Feb 2025

Technical requirements

The training platform runs entirely in the browser but the online PACS places a considerable load on the hardware and internet connection when viewing and loading cases.

Hardware Tablets * Minimum Recommended
Memory (RAM): 2 Gigabyte 8 Gigabyte 16 Gigabyte
Processor (CPU): Dual core 1.85 Ghz Dual core 2 Ghz Quad core 2.5 Ghz
Internet connection Minimum Recommended
Speed: 10 Mbps 25 Mbps
Software Tablets Desktop
Browser: Safari * Chrome **
  • * Tested with Safari on iPad 9.7 (2017), should also work on Android with Chrome. User interface not optimized for smaller screens. Large cases (more than 600 images) are not able to be opened on tablet or mobile devices due to memory constraints.
  • ** Firefox, Edge and Safari also work but might not provide an equally smooth experience. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Introduction Video

Prepared by

  • Carlos Nicolau M.D. Ph.D.
    Barcelona, Spain

    Senior Consultant and Head of the Urogenital Section. Radiology Department of Hospital Clinic. Barcelona. Full Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Barcelona (UB).

    Author of more than 100 articles related to abdominal radiology. Member of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and of the European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR). Member of the Renal Tumors working group of the ESUR. President of the ESUR meeting of 2018.

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