Stroke IV

5 Cases

Level II - General radiologist

2 EACCME CME Credits

On-call Stroke Imaging (Advanced) // Building on the success of the first Stroke modules, these cases are more complicated and less common, based on our On-call exposure to patients with diagnosis of acute stroke.

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Stroke remains one of the most common indications of brain imaging. Although the initial diagnosis of acute stroke is clinical, imaging has become an integral part of stroke management. It is required to rule out a contra indication for thrombolysis, in particular, to differentiation cerebral infarction form haemorrhage. With the advances in stroke management, imaging is now necessary to delineate the extent of the stroke, its complications and to exclude other conditions which may mimic the presentation of stroke. Imaging has expanded with immediate stroke follow up and where sophisticated endovascular intervention is available.

Building on the success of our Stroke 1 and Stroke 2 modules (4.86/5.00 for 'Would you recommend this module to a colleague?' and 4.76/5.00 for 'How would you rate your training experience?'), we designed these two advanced modules III and module IV.

The cases are more complicated and less common. We also added additional investigations required to reach a final diagnosis. But some cases are hard enough and a differential diagnosis is warranted. Although the module is based on our On-call exposure to patients with a diagnosis of acute stroke, some cases will show the different stages of stroke progression.

The module is designed as an education exercise rather than a test of knowledge. For this reason a reference is added with every case as additional reading material.

Learning objectives

  • To equip the reporting radiologist with a broader differential for the diagnosis of stroke and a knowledge of its mimics required for appropriate management of the more complicated cases of stroke.
  • To underline the additional tools available for the radiologist to assist in reaching appropriate diagnosis and management of the more complicated cases of stroke.


Level II - General radiologist
This module is geared towards the experienced On-Call radiologist or a neuroradiologist with initial experience in stroke.

Additional info

Estimated duration: 120 min
Date created: 21 Jul 2021
Date of EACCME review: 21 Jul 2021
Date of EACCME expiration: 20 Jul 2023

Technical requirements

The training platform runs entirely in the browser but the online PACS places a considerable load on the hardware and internet connection when viewing and loading cases.

Hardware Tablets * Minimum Recommended
Memory (RAM): 2 Gigabyte 8 Gigabyte 16 Gigabyte
Processor (CPU): Dual core 1.85 Ghz Dual core 2 Ghz Quad core 2.5 Ghz
Internet connection Minimum Recommended
Speed: 10 Mbps 25 Mbps
Software Tablets Desktop
Browser: Safari * Chrome **
  • * Tested with Safari on iPad 9.7 (2017), should also work on Android with Chrome. User interface not optimized for smaller screens. Large cases (more than 600 images) are not able to be opened on tablet or mobile devices due to memory constraints.
  • ** Firefox, Edge and Safari also work but might not provide an equally smooth experience. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Introduction Video

Prepared by

  • Hussein Kamel M.D.
    Toronto, Canada

    Neuroradiologist collaborating with Telemedicine Clinic

    Neuroradiologist with over 25 years of experience. Previously Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC), Qatar. MB BCh, Egypt, 1977, MS RD, Egypt, 1983, FRCR, London and FFR(RSCI), Dublin, 1991. Consultant Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, UK, Consultant, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Associate Professor, Clinical Radiology, WCMC, Qatar. Now collaborator with TMC. In addition to his depth of international radiology experience, Dr. Kamel has a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge with radiologists on a subspecialisation path.

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