Image Reporting Simulator

Report on real cases directly in your browser

TMC’s Image Reporting Simulator offers practicing radiologists a unique learning and training experience that simulates the reporting clinical practice of Radiologists in an online environment. Our specially designed professional training offers participants a chance to upgrade their reporting skillset by practising real, anonymous cases, combining structured reporting with PACS integration.

Professional reporting environment

All the tools you need to match your preferred learning style

Single monitor
Dual monitors
We have gone to extensive lengths to provide you with the best possible integration between the reporting environment and the image viewer. Modern web technologies allow us to offer a responsive and adaptable reporting environment with all the tools you need.

Structured reporting

Tailor-made reporting templates

Our structured reporting system allows for a quick and intuitive reporting procedure. Each reporting template is custom made to fit the cases in the module and to dynamically adapt your answers.

Instant feedback

The most effective way to learn

Due to the nature of structured reporting, we can provide direct feedback once you have submitted your report. Along with the corrected report, you will also be able to view the case exactly as the mentor prepared it and view their annotations alongside yours.

Track your progress

Get updated statistics about how you are excelling

Track your progress directly in the reporting environment as well as on the module overview page to see score statics and make sure you are reaching the required level to receive your CME credits.