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Image reporting simulator

Getting started

We have recorded a short video for you to get started using the online training platform for Image reporting simulator. Click the image to the right to start watching.

The images are not syncing with the case

If the images on the pacs are not syncing, please: 1 - Make sure you are using a supported browser. Internet explorer is not supported. 2 - Please save your progress and refresh the page. 3 - Please log out the packs, this should log back in again. If the problem persists, please get in touch with us sending us as much detail as possible of the fault to A screenshot showing the problem would also be appreciated.

I am unable to submit my answers

If you are unable to submit your answers, please make sure you have responded all the questions on the case. You can see your progress at the very bottom of the questionnaire. You must respond all the questions before you can submit the report.

Series parallel scrolling

On the Image reporting simulator parallel scrolling is possible with various series in the same cases, simply do right click on top of the image and select MPR > Enable sync with same orientation. Alternatively you could choose this option on the menu displayed on the right hand side of the PACS. If this menu is hidden, just keep the mouse on the right hand side of your screen and this menu will display. Please see images below as an example.

I do not agree with one of the given answers

All the learning materials are designed and prepared by our Mentors. TMC Academy Mentors are sub-specialized professionals with a proven experience on their area (body, neuro, MSK or emergency). Before the content gets published on our website another TMC sub-specialized doctor in the topic does a medical review, to make sure all the provided info and responses given to the cases are correct. This goes in line with the TMC value on keeping always a high medical quality. If you think though one of the given answers is not correct or it could be improved, please get in touch with us, send us an email with your query to

Pointer to see same location on different series

If you wish to see what the exact same location is on different series e.g. you have located a lesion on a sagital series and you want to see the exact same location on the coronal. In that case, there is the "pointer" function you could use. To activate the pointer, do right click on the image to display the menu. Go to MPR and clik on pointer. Once you have selected the pointer option, put the mouse on top of the located lesion and hold the left click button on your mouse to see the exact same location on different series.


How to access feedback form and certificate

Log in to the fellowship website. Username: it should be the first letter of your name and your surname (example: Participant name “Peter Brown”, the username would be “pbrown”) Password: you can set it by clicking on “Forgotten your password”. Once logged in, a feedback form will appear available under “Certificates & feedback form”. Here you will also find your CME certificate in PDF format.

How to access learning material

Log in to the fellowship website. Once logged in, the documents will be found under “Learning material” (the material will be uploaded to the website once the mentor has provided them to us).

What is our cancellation policy

Participant cancellations> For cancellations made up until 3 months before the programme starts 100% of the paid fee will be reimbursed deducting an admin fee of 100€. For cancellations made after the 3 months' deadline there will be no entitle to reimbursement. TMC Cancellation
> In case of cancellation by TMC Academy registration fees will be refunded in full.

Is the lunch included in the fee?

The fellowship programme provides you with coffee, water and tea throughout the day. These can be obtained in the office kitchen facilities as you see fit. Lunch is not included in the programme and up to the individual but can be arranged within the group. Sandwiches and some sweet snacks will also be provided each day.